Hi Y'All!

I am a serial entrepreneur.  I am pretty sure it's genetic.  My Father quit his good paying, safe job when I was 12 and he's been flying by the seat of his pants ever since.  Entrepreneurship is an adventure!

I left my first and only "real" job as an Executive Director back in 2008 after 10 years in the non-profit sector.  While I loved helping people, it wasn't as satisfying from behind a desk.  Plus, I really hated heels and business suits.

I built up a very nice massage business, but couldn't shake the dream of bringing a little known therapy known as REST (Restricted Environmental Sensory Therapy) to TN.

This therapy was a game changer for me while living with chronic pain for 24 years.  I had to make sure others had a chance to feel how good it was to thrive, even when living with a painful condition!

My best friend, who is always up for a challenge, helped buoy me up through the long process and after 20 months we became the first float center in the state - complete with a big set of regulations.

Now I run a float tank center and get to interact with people we are helping every day.  I also teach massage therapy at Mind Body Institute, host a podcast on starting (and running) a float center, and continue to dream of new projects and new challenges.

When I get time to play, I read, find great deals on gemstones at jewelry auctions (who doesn't love a good bargain?), buy and sometimes sell them, travel, consume as much live music as possible and spend a lot of time being a good human servant to my multiple cat household.