A little bit of Levity

You can find Levity online by clicking HERE. 

On May 17th, my Father received a life saving liver transplant in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Two weeks before, I had also made the trip to Pittsburgh to be present while his declining health caused some serious issues that we weren't sure he would survive.  Over ten days, I was cramped in a hospital chair for 12+ hours every day, walking back and forth to hotel, to stores and trying to provide some comfort for my Mom who took the brunt of the care giving.

But now he has a liver.  Transplants are a time of excitement, mixed with concern, caution, and intense watchfulness as you wait for the liver to acclimate while keeping the pain under control. 

I was exhausted both mentally and physically.  And while my normal outlet was to float, our own center was under renovation and when I took the 5:30am flight, Mark was still back at Float Nashville assembling our tanks to fill.

But Levity came to the rescue. 

Two and a half miles away from the family house where we stayed, was a piece of heaven.  And I don't say that lightly!

I was greeted like an old friend at Levity Float Studio late Wednesday morning, by owner and host, David.

My experience was probably not typical of what a new client would experience.  He took the time to create an experience for me.  He showed me the pumps, he answered my questions about lighting and PA regulations, he let me poke around and ooh and aah. 

It didn't take long to realize that Levity is a special place. 

Whether he realizes it or not, David has amazing cohesion throughout his business on a conscious and subconscious level.  He knows, without a doubt, what experience he is there to offer.  And he understands it's not just about what happens when a client walks in the door, but from the moment of contact. 

Cohesion starts with how he built his business, from the team he chose to create the space, to the choices he made when choosing materials for the studio and art for the walls. 

He told me the story of the man who did all the amazing (and seriously, I mean amazing) woodwork through his studio.  David told me about the builder's backstory, how he came to create the practical (sliding barn door, towel holders, front desk, shelving and even wall art) with such detail and artistry. 

He told me about the floor in the room that held his spa packs.  The shimmery copper floor is created with pennies donated by family and friends who supported him through the journey of opening his studio. 

While talking me through his usual client experience, he wove in tiny details and explanations on why he crafted the service flow in that way.  Some of it would feel anti-intuitive to most of us - like putting a hair dryer in the float room and limiting the amount of floats to 8 or 10 a day - but his explanations gave insight to a well thought out experience from beginning to end.

The sparse front desk was designed in a way that reflects his thoughts on creating a workflow that works and provides the best experience for his customer. 

The lighting plan was well thought out and provided a layered effect that led people towards the tank room. 

As a client, it felt as if every detail had been thought out which created a sense of being cared for and nurtured.  The rainfall shower head was divine.  And of course, one can never go wrong with a float in An Escape Pod.

(This is another entry in and of itself, but Jeremy Warner from Escape Pod, creator of The Explorer  is another example of clarity and cohesion of thought to experience, in action.)

He has a clarity I don't often see in new businesses.  And this is exciting to me.  And inspiring.  It is the kind of thing that motivates me to go home and look at my center with fresh eyes. 

That is really special. 

I could have sat in that comfy lobby chair for hours, but alas, I had things to do.  And because of the break I took at Levity, I was able to go back to the Family House rested and revived. 

Levity provides one hour floats for $59.  I would have gladly paid more for that experience and I am sure his clients feel the same way. I hope to see his prices go up in the near future for what felt like a boutique experience.

Thank you, David, for giving me some rest in the midst of some serious chaos. Not only did I benefit, but I was able to be a better caretaker and even a better float center owner from afar!  Your hospitality was invigorating.  You have good things ahead of you.