Marketing with Murals

Floating lends itself to creative marketing styles.  When focusing on a rather large building during our search for the next location, I noticed the side was large, one color and had an unblocked view from traffic at a large intersection less than a quarter mile away.  I imagined using this blank canvas to add a colorful, eye-catching piece of art in the community.

Across Nashville, murals have been showing up on buildings, old and new, across town.  There was a time these murals may have just been another advertising billboard.  But now I'm seeing them used to create connection with community and provide education.  

Billboards have their place, but the product focused advertisements can be left in the past as far as I am concerned. As a small business, I value connection and I believe murals have the capacity to create it!


Picture by Liz Gatlin of  Southern Athena.   

Picture by Liz Gatlin of Southern Athena.  

Working with a local artist can add depth to the project.  Often an artist has a heart to inspire their community.  You are giving them the canvas to do that very thing.  

Support local.  Invite them to sign with their social tag.  Grow roots where you have planted your business by working with the network you are forming in your city.


The art can reflect the positive values of your business, bring joy and provoke thought.  What is important to you?  What do you want to give to the community?  

The floating business isn't about floats, really.   It may ultimately be about being happier, finding relief, kindness, space to breathe, think and just be.  There are unlimited ways you can express that through art. 

This mural, found in the gulch, invites you to step into the picture and make it your own.  No matter how many times I go by, it's hard to resist stopping to create a social media masterpiece thanks to the thoughtful design that pulls you in.

Connect it back to you.  

What makes this mural stand out to me is the way it connects the community and (in the case) the artist. This happens with simple social media hashtags.

Through these hashtags, we now have common ground that brings us together in a virtual way.  Social media is the new community center and this beautiful art has created a common ground.  What a beautiful and organic way to begin the connection with your peeps!

While this hashtag asks #whatliftsyou you can choose what  you want to draw from the community.  People want to share their heart and they want to be heard. Their answers may surprise and delight you.  

An example of hashtags made to inspire in our very own floating community is  #whyifloat.  It continues to evoke some beautiful responses.  

Make it shareable. Make it reflect you.  Create a work of floaty art to share with your community.