Every Tuesday night, I settle into the guest bedroom, turn on the computer, and have, what I refer to as, therapy.  Some people call it a podcast. 

If you're in the float business, you know there's not a whole lot of info out there on what to do to start one of these crazy ventures. 

When I started, I had NO clue what I was getting myself into.  It's a box of water, that you put in a room and plug in the wall.  What could go wrong?  How hard could it be?

No one tells you the ins and outs of your new water chemistry, that salt will destroy everything you hold dear unless you develop a manic cleaning program, that building out the room properly will run you $40,000+ (a room), that when your pump dies or your water turns brown in the middle of the night, you and you alone will be the only one to figure out how to fix it (and you can't google this shit). 

It was a very lonely start and the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.  And I've done a lot of stuff.  Hard stuff. 

But on Tuesdays, I'm not alone.  I can laugh (and cry) with other owners who are going through THE EXACT SAME THING I did.  We can commiserate, help with resources or at the very least a really good story. 

You, me, Lance and Dylan - we're in it together. 

From Very Humble Beginnings

The Art of the Float Podcast was the brainchild of Dylan of The Float Shoppe.  After 2 years of a successful blog helping people start float centers, he wanted to expand the available free information for those starting - or thinking of starting- a float center.

On his honeymoon, he contacted myself and Lance of The Float Shack and asked us if we wanted to help host this new adventure.

I read the email and immediately thought "Oh, hell no!".  I'm shy, still fairly young in the business and wasn't sure I had anything to offer. 

But Mark convinced me to say "yes" and I'm glad I did. 

I'm learning every week, and I'm growing into a better float center owner.  Come by and join us!  Got questions?  Got comments?  Want to add your two cents?  Leave a voicemail on the speakpipe.  It's the gold bar located on the left hand side of our podcast page.